1. Components Identification
  2. First use: how to choose the correct power source
  3. First use: switch on and activation of wireless network
  4. First use: Setting remote control with iPhone or iPad
  5. First use: Setting remote control from a Windows computer
  6. First use: Setting remote control from a Mac computer
  7. First use: Setting remote control from an Android device
  8. First use: backup your SSD drive before installing your software
  9. First use: install your software
  10. First use: turn off EAGLE
  11. First use: installing EAGLE on the telescope
  12. First use: powering other instruments connected to the EAGLE
  13. First use: remotely control devices with EAGLE Manager
  14. - connect or disconnect every power out port of EAGLE
  15. - set power out voltage of the 3 power out ports with adjustable voltage
  16. - connect or disconnect devices attached to the 4 USB 2.0 ports
  17. - check for power in voltage and battery lifetime
  18. - set WiFi connectivity
  19. remotely turn on/off the entire telescope
  20. - change the password of the WiFi network created by EAGLE
  21. - DARK mode
  22. Advanced use: EAGLE ASCOM drivers
  23. Advanced use: program connection and power to devices
  24. Advanced use: remotely turn on EAGLE with wired connection
  25. Advanced use: configure EAGLE to automatically start when power is restored
  26. Controlling the telescope remotely with Cartes du Ciel
  27. Autoguiding with PHD2 Guiding
  28. Drift Alignment using PHD Guiding
  29. Q & A
  30. Add EAGLE’s ports control in external software
  31. Troubleshooting