1. Install PLAY in EAGLE or Windows 10/11 computers
  2. Configure PLAY with telescopes on EQ or Alt-Azi mounts
  3. How to install mount’s ASCOM drivers
  4. Use CONNECT ALL to quickly connect to devices
  5. Enable dual-telescope mode to simultaneously control 2 OTAs
  6. Use PLAY to capture images
  7. Use FOCUS tab to control ESATTO focuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor
  8. Use TARGET tab to align and point mount to the desired target, and rotate ARCO
  9. Use CALIBRATE tab to control GIOTTO smart flat field generator or ALTO telescope cover motor
  10. Use PREVIEW tab to set your camera and start image acquisition
  11. Use Auto Alignment to automatically align your telescope to the sky
  12. Change Windows settings to optimise PLAY installed in EAGLE or standard PC.